3 Things To Remember When Posting On Social Media

If you Google ‘what to post on social media’, you’ll be greeted with several articles telling you 50+, 20 or 70 (70!) different things to post. Which, to us, seems like far too many for busy business owners to remember.

We want to make social media marketing as simple and accessible as possible for small businesses, so we’ve simplified what you should be posting on social media into 3 categories.

The aim of social media posts

Posting on social media about your business can help you achieve lots of goals but for most people, they fall into one of these categories:

  • Build awareness of your brand
  • Showcase your values and personality
  • Drive sales of your products/services
  • Develop a community of advocates for your brand

When used correctly, social media can be one of the most powerful tools to grow your business.

Make sure you’re using the right platforms for your target audience by developing buyer personas and set some goals for your social media activity to give yourself a better chance of achieving results.

What should you post on social media?

As we said, some social media experts have long lists of different things your business should be posting – but this is far too complicated to remember. We recommend that your social media posts do one of three things for your audience:

  • Educate
  • Inspire
  • Inform


Teach your audience about what it is someone like you does and the benefit provided to customers. The aim of these posts isn’t to promote your business specifically but instead to get the audience thinking about the challenges they need solving and why someone in your industry could be useful.

What to post to educate your audience on social media

  • Answer FAQs
  • Share advice and tips
  • Comment on industry news and trends


Give your audience hope or a push to take action now rather than later by sharing something that inspires them. Some social media experts also refer to this as “excite” or “entertain” as these posts also help to build an affinity with your particular brand over others.

What to post to inspire your audience on social media

  • Ask a question/start a debate
  • Share a success story (e.g. testimonial or case study)
  • Share an inspirational quote
  • Leverage seasonal dates, events or cultural nostalgia


These posts are where you can tell your audience about your specific offering and services while highlighting how you differ from others. Balance these with other posts in your social media schedule as too frequent informative posts can be off-putting for audiences – after all, nobody wants to be sold to.

What to post to inform your audience on social media

  • Offers and promotions
  • History and announcements about your company
  • Product, service or event info
  • Competitions

What type of content should you post on social media?

Depending on the social media platform you’re using, there are a range of content types you can post, including:

  • Text
  • Video
  • Image
  • Documents
  • Links
  • Polls
  • Live streams

In general, visual and interactive content (images, videos, live streams and polls) tends to receive higher levels of engagement. It’s also worth noting that links on social media are getting clicked less and less frequently.


Humans are fickle, we don’t always conform to the trends and we change our preferences for no apparent reason. We recommend that you try a mix of content types with your audience to develop an understanding of their specific preferences. As your audience grows you should also keep testing as preferences could easily change.

Using social media to market your business can feel increasingly scary and impossible to master – but we’re here to help. Follow us on LinkedIn for tips and advice, or get in touch to book a chat about your specific social media strategy.

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