How to easily generate leads with Facebook Meta ads

Whether or not you’re a big Facebook user yourself, you’ve probably been told to run Meta ads to generate leads for your business at some point in. 

Facebook ad campaigns are the perfect way to reach your audience based on demographic, geographic and interest-based criteria. But if set up incorrectly, you can end up wasting a lot of money on a campaign that doesn’t get you anything. 

We had a talk with Alex Clifford, the founder of Logic Digital, about some of the ways he successfully generates leads through Facebook ad campaigns. 

Should you use Facebook lead form ads or ads that direct to landing pages?

This is a hotly debated topic in the Meta ads scene which is why we wanted to tackle it early on – Alex had some very clear and straightforward views. 

“Stick with the algorithm. Meta wants to keep their users on their platforms as much as possible, so I feel that anything that takes them off the platform – either ad or organic – isn’t necessarily going to be favoured by the algorithm,” Alex elaborated. 

While many favour landing pages since they give you more creative freedom and control, from a user perspective Lead Forms can be much more appealing and simple to use. Nobody goes onto Facebook wanting to be sold to, but quality ads with relevant targeting might just convince someone to consider your brand – so reward them with a quick and simple process that auto-populates the fields using the information Meta already has.

Alex Clifford

Alex recommends using the High Intent option when using Lead Forms to get better quality leads as users have to go through a few more stages to submit their information.

As with anything in digital marketing, there are exceptions to the rules. Landing pages may be a better option depending on what information you’re trying to gather. If you’re unsure, speak to an expert

Alex Clifford

What assets should you use in ads?

When you create an ad on Facebook you can choose between many different assets to use including

  • Images
  • Videos
  • Videos you create using images
  • Carousels

So how do you know which ones to use when creating your ad campaigns?

Ultimately there is no substitute for testing them all with your audience. Human variables within your audience make it impossible to guarantee their behaviour using someone else’s research – their preference can change hour to hour.

Alex Clifford


For the majority of campaigns, good video content tends to perform the best so it should definitely be one of the first assets you test. Video is, after all, the most engaging type of content online because it’s a simple, easy way to consume content.

Alex Clifford

Using retargeting to create ad funnels

Using retargeting in your Facebook ad campaigns isn’t a new concept, but it is one that many businesses don’t use effectively.

Setting up a funnel is an incredibly cost-effective way of building your brand and driving leads, it essentially works in this way.

  1. You target all users that match the criteria for your target audience with ads that introduce them to your brand
  2. You retarget audiences that engaged with those ads (e.g. watched a video over 3 seconds, liked your post or clicked on a link) with new ads that encourage engagement and share helpful information with the audience
  3. You retarget users that engaged with those ads with new ads that sell your products/services and aim for conversions

Many businesses don’t know that you can use retargeted Facebook ads in this way and are instead replicating their traditional marketing tactics on digital channels.

One of the main reasons this is such an effective method for many advertisers is because it reaches people who have become advertising blind. Today’s generation don’t like being sold to so your marketing can no longer be an ‘in your face’ ad and instead has to take time to build trust with the audience.

Trying to sell to them straight away isn’t going to work and any sales you get will be at a ridiculously high CPA. Its like if you ask someone to marry you on the first date, they’re probably going to say no.

By instead taking your audience through this funnel you can grow the rapport and trust that your brand has with them making them more likely to buy from you when you ask.

Alex Clifford

With how the iOS tracking changes are impacting the Facebook ads system, Alex recommends retargeting based on video views rather than website visits.

At Logic Digital, we regularly review our practices to make sure we keep up the changing digital marketing landscape. Find out more about our social media marketing or get in touch.

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