The most valuable Google ad assets for your ad campaign

Google Ads is a great tool for brands trying to reach their target audience online. Amy from Logic Digital discusses their benefits along with other industry specialists.

Ad extensions are a critical factor when it comes to determining your ad rank – by using ad assets you can improve your quality score and achieve higher rankings for your ads. Google has also shown that ad assets are able to increase CTR by 10-15%.

But it’s not as simple as using ad assets just for the sake of it – you need to know which ones to use and when to use them for maximum effect.

We asked a few Google Ads experts to weigh in and give us their opinion on which Google Ads assets is the most valuable to their clients and why.

pie chart showing the most valuable ad extension

Despite the vast number of ad extensions available in Google Ads, there were 3 clear favourites:

  • Sitelink assets
  • Location assets
  • Seller Rating assets

What are Google Ads assets? 

Imagine your Google Ads campaign as a big billboard on the internet, but instead of being static, it’s dynamic and interactive. Google ad assets are like the different parts of that billboard that make it eye-catching and effective in attracting customers to your business. 

Assets included pieces of information such as headlines, descriptions, links to specific website sections, call buttons, location details and other elements. In the end, these all come together to make the perfect ad that stands out from the crowd, giving your ad a professional, eye-catching appeal. 

These assets include: 

  • Sitelink Assets – Links to web pages within your website 
  • Callout Assets – Perfect for including your USP and CTA 
  • Structured Snippet Assets – For highlighting your products/services/brands 
  • Call Assets – A phone number for your business 
  • Location Assets – Show your business location(s) 
  • Affiliate Location Assets – Where customers can access your products/services 
  • Price Assets – The price of your product/service 
  • App Assets – Link to download your app 
  • Lead Form Assets – Submit contact information  

With Google Ads, you have the power to handpick the assets that perfectly showcase your business and catch the attention of your audience. 
So which ones are the best assets to use? 
Keep reading to find out more. 

Location assets

While it often depends on what kind of ad you’re running, for businesses who want customers in a particular location, location assets are “excellent” says one respondent.

Andy Morley from Evolution Media supports this idea saying that the vast majority of their clients “are targeting local customers for both Google Ads and SEO” so location extensions in Google Ads are invaluable. He also adds that “service based industries seem to see the most benefit due to their limited service areas.”

Location extensions show the location of your brick-and-mortar store (or the nearest one if you have multiple locations) to the user to help them identify you as a local business close to them. With “near me” searches rising exponentially each year, highlighting your location to potential customers is a must.

Seller rating assets

“Strangely, my opinion here has altered slightly – mainly due to Covid. A few years ago I’d have told you I’ve seen exceptional results for location assets, and they’ve helped dramatically increase footfall for a lot of businesses I work with. However in this new, entirely online, world – Seller ratings are more important than ever”, says Matt Cocking from Purpose Media.

“Data shows in 2024, retail e-commerce sales are estimated to exceed 6.3 trillion U.S. dollars worldwide, and this figure is expected to increase. Seller ratings are crucial for online stores – neglecting them means losing out to competitors. This is even more important for new online businesses. 

Sitelink assets

“While the question of the most valuable ad extension completely depends on the industry, the product or service and the purpose of the ad in question, the sitelink extension works well in most circumstances because they are so versatile.” Says Abra Millar, adding “Due to the versatility, it is suitable for most industries and audiences – which is a huge element of their appeal. However, sitelinks can be particularly helpful for branded searches, where it’s not clear exactly what a searcher wants.”

Sophie Logan from Adzooma agrees with this point highlighting how “Taking people to the right page helps them to take the conversion path you are wanting them to go down. It also helps to reduce bounce rate and page exits, as people are getting the information/page they are looking for.”

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As Amy outlines at the top of this article, ad extensions are important but it’s vital that you use them in the right way if you really want to see the benefit of your Google Ads campaign.

Different businesses have different needs and goals. If you want to show customers where you are, use location extensions. For a good impression, go for seller ratings. Before choosing, know your audience and the journey you want them to take. 
If you’re ready to revolutionise your Google Ads strategy, get in touch with us today!

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