How we’ve created a positive office culture at Logic Digital

At Logic Digital, we believe a positive working environment is crucial to the motivation, happiness and productivity of the company, employees and clients.

To quote Richard Branson – “if you look after your staff well, they will look after your customers”, and it couldn’t be more right in terms of running an agency.

Your employees are the ones who are representing the different services of your agency and they essentially become part of what you’re selling to a client. What your clients think can be pretty influential to your business, so much so, it could also be one of the reasons why you win a new client. From our experience, you want your employees to talk to your clients about how much they love their job and your clients want to hear how much you appreciate your employees.

Positive culture

Your employees should be an extension of what your company’s vision is and vice-versa, so when these aren’t in sync, it can impact the business negatively.

Making changes to your office culture should be part of your business make-up and the benefits have to be fully understood. Here are a few of the aspects of our business which make up our office culture at Logic Digital.


Listening isn’t a one-sided thing and should instead be practised by everybody. All employees have something valuable to say and it can take one person who isn’t willing to listen, to stop someone from sharing their valuable ideas entirely. To have everybody contribute their ideas and effort to a project, there needs to be an openness and listening culture within the agency.

When employees know that they are appreciated and respected at work, this will only motivate and encourage them to challenge themselves further.

Understand that nobody knows everything

For sure somebody who is an expert in their field within a business knows a lot about their subject, but there is value in having input from somebody who has different specialisms. They may contribute an idea which may not have even been thought about, or discover a problem you hadn’t spotted. Be open to other people’s suggestions as it could be a suggestion which improves your work by 200%.


Linking to the previous two points, at Logic Digital we make a real effort to collaborate on every project we undertake. Yes, we all have our own knowledge, skills and experience in certain topics; however, we bring these all together to make a project thrive. Especially for a smaller agency like us, it makes the workload easier to manage, allows us to really enjoy the progress of the projects and the client receives a better outcome.


Churning out work 5 days a week in silence is probably not the best for your company, especially not for your employees. Ensure that there is time for everybody to get to know each other outside of the office and in a neutral environment. Encouraging employees to build their relationships outside of the office can break the ice and make individuals more open to sharing ideas, challenging each other and having a positive working day within the office.

No fear of failing

At Logic Digital, this is a really interesting one we practice. As we collaborate and share the responsibility of each project, we minimise the chance of failing, but we also try to focus on not being fearful of our decisions. Instead, we make sure that any risks we do take are carefully considered and are backed up by a solid process.

No blame culture

At Logic Digital, our employees are a team, we stand together when things go well and also when things don’t. Pointing fingers when a project goes awry has never done anything to help a bad situation. Instead, figure out together how to sort the issue. This almost always leads to a faster and better solution, and everyone can learn from the mistakes made. Don’t see something going wrong as a “his or her problem”, but instead, see it as “our problem”. Thinking of it this way can make the problem seem easier to tackle.

A life outside of work

Believe it or not, work isn’t everything and this should be recognised in the workplace too. To benefit the workplace, every employee needs a chance to recover after each day of hard work and to rest to be ready for the next working day.

You may spend more time with the people you work with than you do with your family or friends, so ensure that time is available to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Don’t be afraid of opinions

To go along with our points of listening and collaborating, other people’s opinions shouldn’t let you negatively question your own expertise or worth in a business. This goes the other way too, opinions made by employees should be told in a respectful and encouraging manner to not detriment the positive agency culture.

The environment provided at work should be one in which people feel respected and where they are making a valuable contribution to the company and its clients.

An office culture has to be something ingrained in a business. It must be something which is real and can’t just be something you talk about. You have to be constantly working at it and encouraged to grow. Not only does it have to be embraced by the employees, but senior management has to be sold on it to lead the businesses unique office culture.

If you are a marketing expert and liked the sound of all this, check out our careers and job opportunities… Who knows, you might be the next Logic Digital team member!

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