How to use LinkedIn for direct and indirect marketing

When it comes to lead generation on LinkedIn, there are 2 key approaches for you to consider: direct marketing and indirect marketing.

Implement them correctly and both have the power to get you in front of prospective clients, and ensure you remain at the forefront of their minds.

What is direct marketing?

It is exactly as it sounds – using networks such as LinkedIn, you use your profile to provide your prospective customers with information about your company, your products and who you are.

LinkedIn marketing

However, it is important to not go in guns blazing, otherwise you’ll scare them away.

Instead, an element of subtly is needed, whereby you first get to know them, their interests and their needs before you take action. By keeping their interests in mind and using your conservation to let them get to know you; when you finally mention that you sell product ‘x’, they’ll be more inclined to listen and give you a chance.

TOP TIP — offering advice, information and industry insights is a great way to establish a relationship and build trust. So using discussion boards and messaging, begin by striking up a conversation on LinkedIn, before directing your conversation to the numerous services/products your business can provide them with.

What is indirect marketing?

The more subtle of the two, indirect marketing starts with you offering free advice and helpful information, before driving them towards a landing page on your website, where they can download a white paper; sign up for an e-newsletter or learn more about your products.

What works so well about this particular marketing technique is the fact that your engagement is mutual. By lending your expertise on discussion boards or posting advice; this free information will incentivise them to turn you into a connection, which will then allow you to drive them towards this dedicated landing page.

The key to making this work is ensuring that the free advice/industry insights/information you supply is so invaluable that they can sense the value of your connection and want your business.

Tip: Provide free advice/information in discussions, status updates etc. and use this ‘valued content’ to strike up conversations with those that respond to your advice. Once they turn into a connection – direct them to your landing page where they can then learn more about your business offering and services or download a white paper.

Which is better?

Both may start with a conversation and offering of advice; however from here they greatly differ in their technique. Yet, this doesn’t mean one is better than the other. In fact, both can bring to the table endless opportunities for lead generation and connections.

For that reason, we strongly suggest creating a balance between the two, as whilst direct marketing will put your profile directly in front of potential customers; indirect marketing takes the connections you’ve made one step further by directing them straight to your website.

More importantly, these varying techniques will allow you to engage with a broader spectrum of people and businesses. Some who respect the direct approach… and those who prefer subtlety.

By employing both techniques you’ll get the best of both worlds.

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