Do you really need a copywriter to promote your business?

TL;DR: Yes, you do.

Copywriters make the world of marketing (both digital and traditional) go round. Without copywriters, we’d have jargon-filled gibberish riddled with typos taking over our lives.

While not everything you write online will need to go through a copywriter, there are a few areas of your digital marketing that you should always have some professional support for:

  • Website & landing page copy
  • Blogs
  • Press releases
  • Messaging campaigns

In short, we’re not telling you to get every tweet looked at by a copywriter – but when there is a substantial amount of text for people to read, you’ll do much better in the long run if you ask for help.

But why, you ask?

Copywriting increases engagement with your content

We talked to copywriter, Daniel Paice, about why copywriting is different to ‘normal’ writing. He aptly pointed out that copywriting is specifically done with the goal of driving sales and incentivising an audience.

While many people may be able to write and think that they can do it themselves, copywriters aim to connect with audiences and write content in a way that the reader will understand and respond to. On top of this, copywriters need to have an appreciation of language nuances alongside the ability to write at an appropriate knowledge-level for the reader.

Copywriting improves search visibility

Copywriters, especially those who have experience with digital platforms, will be able to help your web pages rank highly in Google Search results. They’ll naturally include the relevant keywords that Google’s algorithm is looking for without it being stuffed while maximising user-friendly formatting that helps Google understand the content more easily.

As we stated above, one of the main aims of the copywriter is to connect with the audience and create the best content for them – this naturally lends itself to search visibility as Google simply wants to provide searchers with great results. Many copywriters are great at SEO without even knowing it!

At Logic Digital, our digital marketing teams have copywriting skills you can utilise but you can also reach out to individuals like Daniel for support.

Copywriters have perspective

When you spend every day running your business, it’s easy to think that everyone knows exactly what you do. But chances are, very few people actually know what your business is about.

Copywriters are particularly useful to help you write about your business in a way that outsiders will understand and find appealing. A copywriter’s ability to understand what will resonate with the audience gives them a unique advantage over your own writing and will often generate better results with your target audience.

A copywriter is an essential part of your marketing team – still missing one for your business? Get in touch with Logic Digital or Daniel Paice to get started.

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