Our Highlights: A great start to 2021

After a troubling year for many, we’ve committed to making sure we celebrate the wins at Logic Digital – big or small.

Along with a few internal initiatives like games on a Friday and a separate group chat dedicated to celebrating good news, we’re launching a regular newsletter.

In this first one, we’re highlighting some of the things we’re really proud of from Q1 of 2021.

Q1 Highlights

We’re excited to have started helping some new clients with their SEO strategies including mental health charity Shawmind and playground signs company Charlie Fox.

Organic traffic has already increased by 20% for Charlie Fox and by 130% for Shawmind!

Shawmind have also helped our Digital Manager, Jess, to gain her certificate in Mental Health First Aid – which is something more businesses should really be considering following the mental health impact that lockdown has had on lots of employees across the country.

We’ve also taken on some exciting website design and development projects for Authenticate and Fightzone. The great things about these projects is that each business has such a unique objective giving us the chance to work on a variety of design concepts.

Content marketing using SEO-focused blogs has been a huge priority for our team this quarter, with blogs contributing significantly to Google rankings for many of our clients. Including our own, we counted over 40 articles that had been written since the start of the new year. If you’ve been wondering whether you should start that blog – now is a great time to get started!

Google Ads continues to deliver results for our clients including Nottingham-based student accommodation provider Stanley House. We’ve even been working to train more members of our team to support businesses with Google Ads queries.

“I’ve been really proud of the work I’ve been doing on Google Ads implementing everything I’ve learned from Skillshop”

Charlie, Digital Assistant


We’re delighted to share that Jess, our Digital Manager, will be taking part in ‘Walking 4 Causes’ – a 26 mile walk being completed with a group of local business owners to raise money for 4 Midlands charities.

The charity sector has been hit particularly hard by COVID-19 with funding scarce and demand for services high. The group are aiming to raise £4000 which will be split evenly between Shawmind, St Giles Hospice, Charity Link and The Community Foundation for Staffordshire.

Please consider making a donation at or contact Jess if you’re interested in sponsoring the event.

Top Tips

As you’ll know if you’ve ever worked with us (or spoken to a member of our team for more than 30 seconds), we love to help people and share as much advice as we can to get your business moving forward. So every month we’ll be rounding off our newsletter with a top tip from a member of our team.

This month’s tip is from our Director, Alex Clifford:

One of the key elements to effective marketing is consistency, in who you are talking to and how you are saying it. To do this you need to have a clear understanding of:

1. Who your target customer are?

2. What their needs are for you service or product?

3. Why your product is right for them?

With this in place you can focus on creating a consistent structure to your:

– Creative, content and Tone of voice to build your business and Brand

– Re-purposing old content can be a great way to retell a story and allows for creativity to be used

– Don’t try to get every piece of material or activity to do everything

– Organise and order your materials and activities to tell a story through Awareness & Liking to Preference and finally purchase

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