Why content is still king: How to keep it relevant in 2024 

Trends may change and Google may evolve and redirect the way you approach online marketing; however, one thing will never change: the importance of high-quality relevant content. 
In the era of social media dominance and flashy visuals, the written word might seem overshadowed. But content is the cornerstone of online presence, conveying information, building brand identity, and engaging audiences. 

According to research conducted by SEMrush in 2023, only 3% of the 1,700 marketers and business owners surveyed felt that content marketing was unsuccessful for their brand. 
This shows that content is still relevant and works as the backbone of the internet. But of course, it is subject to change, and search engines continue to prioritise fresh, relevant content when delivering search results.  
Read on to discover how your business blog content can keep up with the ever-changing landscape of the internet. 

Content is king

How has content changed?

The biggest change content currently faces is the way users interact with it. 
In the past, consumers primarily viewed the web using laptops and desktops; however, with the ever-growing presence of mobile responsive websites and voice search, more and more users are turning to their phones for their internet needs. 
And this move makes sense as it is much more time efficient. 
No longer do consumers have to wait until they get to home to search for local restaurants, transport services and days out. Instead, they can ride the bus or train, and make bookings/purchases as they travel. 
Enrich your website with informative and compelling copy and it has the power to drive traffic, convert leads and achieve sales. It doesn’t matter how it is delivered or which device it is viewed on; with the right content, there is nothing you cannot do. 
Social media has also had a significant impact in the way people use the internet. With the rise of user-generated content (UGC), users are wanting a more personalised experience where they feel the writer is personally interacting with them. 
It is always important to go back to older content and give it a modern update if necessary. This ensures your content is appealing to new audiences and modern SEO practices. 

How has content responded to change over the years?

SEO integration

Then: SEO wasn’t a significant concern for copywriters. 

Now: Copywriters seamlessly integrate SEO techniques into their writing to enhance online visibility and improve search engine rankings. 

Social media popularity

Then: Long-form content was more common. There was less of a focus on creating shareable content. 

Now: Copywriters adeptly produce short-form content to cater to audiences with limited attention spans, especially on social media platforms. They also aim to create content that can be shared on social media. 

Storytelling emphasis

Then: Copywriting was often focused on product features. 

Now: Copywriters place a greater emphasis on storytelling, creating narratives that resonate emotionally with the audience, ensuring content is engaging.  

Multimedia collaboration

Then: Content creation mainly involved text. 

Now: Copywriters collaborate with multimedia creators, incorporating visuals, videos, and interactive elements into their content. 

Adaptive tone and style 

Then: A formal tone was often prevalent. 

Now: Copywriters adapt their tone and style based on the platform and target audience, reflecting a more conversational and relatable approach, which is typically more engaging to the audience. Copywriters have abandoned the use of terms like “they are” and now employ the contraction “they’re” to seem more approachable. This is also a result of how we interact with others on the internet due to social media. 

How a content creation agency can help

At Logic Digital, we understand the pulse of this ever-changing digital landscape.  
Our copywriting agency has the knowledge and expertise to transform your online presence by crafting modern, engaging content that resonates with your audience. Whether it’s devising a content strategy that aligns with the latest trends or producing compelling copy that captivates users across devices, we are here to elevate your brand. 
Contact us to find out what our SEO content writing services can do for you. 

Kasib Tahir – Digital Marketing Assistant
Digital marketer specialising in SEO writing, with a love for fashion and Lana Del Rey.