Tools we swear by to make remote working easy for clients

This year more businesses than ever before have started to explore remote working as part of their long term business strategy – not only can it save on physical office space costs, it also opens up more options for clients since location is no longer such a big factor when it comes to picking a marketing agency.

To continue to provide exceptional digital marketing support to our clients and independent businesses across the entire country, there are a couple of tools that we swear by when it comes to remote working.

1. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is great as it’s a messaging, video conferencing, file sharing and project management solution all in one package. Where we once had three different apps to do all of this, we now have one. This massively helps our clients keep up to date with everything – rather than hunting through past email chains to find information or resending files multiple times.

Listen to the Director of Logic Digital, Alex Clifford, discuss Microsoft Teams and flexible workspaces on The Digital Workspace Works podcast.

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2. TeamViewer

When you’re learning something new or when you need help from someone else in the office, sometimes it’s easier when they’re able to physically touch your computer. Unfortunately with remote working, it’s not that easy – and while you can screen share and give instructions, it can still lead to some lost time and frustration. This is where TeamViewer has been a huge help. It allows us to take control over our clients machine to help them with a particular task or challenge.

It should be as easy as possible for a client to communicate with their marketing agency and get timely support when they need it. To find out more about how we work with our clients and partners to deliver excellent digital marketing support, get in touch with our team.

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