Increasing revenue by optimising user shopping experience.

Website and performance audits revealed key issue causing missed revenue opportunities.

By identifying why users weren’t completing the checkout process, New Era were able to address the issue and drive more revenue.

New Era is a family-owned company and has been for four generations. Ehrhardt Koch, who founded the company in 1920, was a turn of the century pioneer with the goal of revolutionising the headwear business.

They are now one of the leading global cap manufacturers producing over 50 Million caps and have affiliations with over 450 teams and sports associations.

We provided an audit and review for their e-commerce process and highlighted significant areas for improvement that have the potential to double the current revenue with turnover in the region of £2 million.


We were approached by New Era to provide consultancy on their existing website and overall ecommerce activity As the business online was not growing proportionally in relation to their overall business and they had seen significant drops in Website conversions.

What we did

We conducted an in depth analysis and audit of the site structure, performance, and user experience to identify areas for improvement. Our findings were presented as part of a scoping workshop to help them identify and understand how to resolve the issues we had found.


Among many SEO and social recommendations that we made, we also identified a significant issue in the checkout stage, where the most expensive delivery option was selected by default and was unable to be changed easily, had led to 54% of users abandoning the checkout equating to significant value in lost revenue for New Era. Once aware of the improvements to be made, New Era were able to improve the e-commerce process and potentially double their annual turnover.

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