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Maple Suncreening are a UK based company that design, manufacture and install solar shading, weather protection and screening for building interiors and exteriors. Their main products include architectural facades, louvres and brise soleil.

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Unlike other competitors in the architectural and construction industry who provide standard designs for all clients, Maple design bespoke products that fit the style, needs and budget of the individual project.


Before the work started, Maple’s site had a low visibility with most of the traffic coming from keywords directly related to their name or highly irrelevant terms. These were not particularly valuable to Maple as it showed that they were only attracting visitors who were either already aware of them or were not interested in the services they provided and therefore weren’t generating new business.

In order to improve the value of the website to the overall business, it needed to receive higher levels of relevant traffic. The plan for this was to increase the number of keywords the site was surfacing for in SERPs and to ensure that these were relevant to the business as this would lead to higher quality of site visit.  We also wanted to ensure that once users had discovered Maple, they had a good user experience and would not end their session due to a technical issue on the site as there were some key issues to be addressed to improve site performance.

What we did

We revised the content on the website pages to increase the keywords and contextual information that would help SERPs understand the content. We also created new pages that used content about core products and services that was initially only available in PDF downloads. As part of our activity we also addressed issues with redirects, broken links and large images to improve the overall user experience.


Site visibility in SERPs increased by 156% YoY and traffic increased by 56% YoY.

Keywords triggering in the top 100 Google search results increased from 284 to 748. Traffic is now coming from terms related to the services offered with 60% of the keywords triggering a first page result being a product or service name. This has reduced the level of irrelevant traffic coming to the site.

We commissioned Logic Digital to design, implement and improve our online presence and lead generation through SEO, PPC and remarketing. We are now starting to see tangible benefits and results from the digital tactics deployed by the team who have remained supportive and focused throughout.

Head of Sales & Marketing, Maple Sunscreening Ltd
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