Increasing engagement on paid ads.

Strategic keyword optimisation on PPC ads to increase Click-Through Rates.

Updating copy on paid ads to achieve more from Google Ads campaigns.

Maple Suncreening are a UK based company that design, manufacture and install solar shading, weather protection and screening for building interiors and exteriors. Their main products include architectural facades, louvres and brise soleil.

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Unlike other competitors in the architectural and construction industry who provide standard designs for all clients, Maple design bespoke products that fit the style, needs and budget of the individual project.


Despite receiving a high number of impressions across their Google Ads campaigns, click-through rates on Maple remarketing display ads were quite low at only 0.15%. The aim was to get more engagement out of their campaigns by understanding what would make the ads more relevant and appealing to their target audience.

What we did

We set up a selection of responsive display ads to test a variety of image types and sizes as well as different ad copy and Calls-To-Action (CTA). We then ran the ads for a month to gather data on the best performing combinations. This enabled us to optimise existing ads and create a set of guidelines for future display ads.


The click-through rate of revised ads increased by 647%.

We also established that the best performing ad size was 1200 × 628 and that the images often performed better without any overlaying text or graphics. We also found that headlines performed better when they were descriptive and had gave a reason for the CTA rather than short phrases that were clearer but less informative.

We commissioned Logic Digital to design, implement and improve our online presence and lead generation through SEO, PPC and remarketing. We are now starting to see tangible benefits and results from the digital tactics deployed by the team who have remained supportive and focused throughout.

Head of Sales & Marketing, Maple Sunscreening Ltd
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